Vanda Teixeira Bio

Vanda Teixeira Founder of Vanda ConnectInternationally recognized business woman, Vanda Teixeira is the Founder and CEO of Vanda Connect and The Magic Ribbon, an international campaign to empower and feed the women and children of the world.

Originally from South Africa and of Portuguese descent, she was South Africa’s Top Portuguese Designer at the age of just 22.  She was given the Young Entrepreneur’s Award by The Women’s League in South Africa, and was recognized for taking the pageantry of the Miss Portugal show to an international level. Vanda also was the face for a cosmetic house and their International Marketing Director.

She moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she now sits on the board of a boutique investment firm as an award-winning Senior Marketing Advisor. In 2000 she was nominated for Top Business Woman in Atlanta.

Having maintained contact with South Africa, in August of 2009 she was featured in Most Influential Woman in Business and Government with A New era Has Begun. She went on a 3-city tour of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as a featured keynote speaker to the country’s most influential women in business and government.

Vanda is, first and foremost, a visionary coach and intuitive healer who has a large personal international following with her innovative approach to support inner awakening and transformation. She is authoring a series of seven books, two of which will be published this fall: “The New Psychology of Money,” and “To Be a Woman,” to support everyone on their own journey.

With her Magic Ribbon campaign, Vanda started out on her mission to feed the children of the world and discovered that by empowering people–and women especially–if you can feed yourself you can help feed the world. Today she has volunteers who have embraced her vision and passion and are sharing the buzz of The Magic Soup Kitchen.

Her philosophy is based on her words:

“I am magic! And so are you! A new era has begun, an era of honoring your own truth and emotions to get what you do want, instead of attracting subconsciously what you don’t want. This is the Law of Attraction working at its best.”

This is who I am for now…

I say for “now” because we all are in the process of change and transformation minute by minute.

I clearly see what most people are not–not that they can’t–it is just that they are not yet…or just focused on something else. I see our world clearly from a different place. It has color, it has shapes and symbols, it has information at different levels. It has no language, one that I have obviously taken for granted. However, I am learning to communicate it clearer and clearer every time.

As I share your unique patterns and blue print with you,you raise your awareness, and we work on releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you, especially of what is not yours–guiding you to you , your true self and not the one that has been caught up in other peoples’ dreams , desires, habits , beliefs…

I just love this—seeing the true you expressed.

As the globe has its lines of longitude and latitude, so do you have your own matrix, your own blueprint. YOUR OWN GLOBE, a bio magnetic one.  I am assisted in interpreting yours for you.


With what I call my spiritual guides and angels and then I mediate with yours. That’s right mediate. Yes I am a healer, as you are. Born from a father who is one and a strong intuitive mother. I guess the odds of being one myself were very strong.  Good thing is that I am not the only one in the family. As for being intuitive and psychic, aren’t we all?

I am a strong life coach assisting others on their journey.  I am the best at that, because I work with the best in you!  Guided by what I see, I draw and interpret.  It is a Gift, I now Honor That.

I believe women are Goddesses; I am all for awakening the feminine energy on the planet.

I believe in magic, no not David Copperfield magic, but the real stuff, real Magic, the Magic within you!

I believe in soul mates and a love so deep that you can feel the flutters in your tummy.

I am a stickler for Honor & Truth and it took me most of my life to get here.

I have codes within me that are sacred, I fight and play to win and love.

It’s the Wake Up moment in others’ Lights that keeps me going.

My belief system supported my being a strong entrepreneur, so I became one!

In business, I am a doer, I get it done, on whatever I set my focus.

I embody The Leadership of a King, The Power of a High Priestess, The Wisdom of a Philosopher, The Magic of an Alchemist, The Knowledge  of a Templar, The Courage of a Warrior, The Light of a Star, The Guidance of the Divine, and The Blessing & The Love of God.

And I embrace the Gift of my son and my daughter, who guide me back to Honor who I AM.

With this I have just begun a journey to contribute to a cause that involves us together and is far greater than you or I can imagine.”

Vanda assists people in transforming by a process of cleansing and reviving the true self and discovering aspects that empower them to fulfill their dreams. She has countless testimonials from people she has helped through her speaking and coaching, among them:

  • A business owner who learns to embrace and understand himself as an entrepreneur and turns his business and personal life around.
  • A Triathlete who now runs from a place of strength and accomplishment vs. struggle and pain.
  • An insecure mom who rediscovers herself to honor her true vision as a powerful business women and nurturing mother.
  • A powerful attorney who learns to integrate true aspects of himself and rediscovers his joy in his career.
  • A psychologist in practice for 27 years who acknowledged loss of interest , energy and vision for herself and her clients, then revives and reinvents her whole practice , life and community.