Why an energy cleanser is important, and what you need to know


This is my gold!

I would not be doing what I am doing if it wasn’t for this tool. This gift that truly, whether you get it or not, is a gift every time I worQ with it. Soult is the reason I haven’t burnt out from thousands and thousands of calls, sessions, emergency calls, and CARE.

Most important, it is the reason I haven’t derailed from my own path and my own journey, as I did before.
Soult is the reason I am able to reason each and every time from a higher place in my mind and in my heart. It removes the static, the interruptive noise and distracting energy from who I want to be and who I really am.

It is a powerhouse that undeniably works every single time. It’s not just sea salt as I had tried it at first with Dead Sea salts, Telling everything to make you believe would give it away.
Try it and you will know what I am talking about.
From sports champions recovering and accelerating their healing, to an exhausted mother who has given her all, to a CEO who needs to be on his game, to a therapist who has absorbed it all, to the sensitive empathic that cannot help but feel it, to a child that just needs to release, you name it I have worked with it all and then some.

The SOULT works and then some.
The funniest thing is that at first I never wanted to do my Soult….it was too much worQ and way too much too explain. Truth is it is too much worQ if I don’t share and I don’t do it.

Sometimes what we most resist is what we most need.
Get your power and energy back. It is a tool beyond measure. The deepest cleanser in every way.
The greatest energy rejuvenator I have experienced. It is wow, and what you get to experience in the bath, or in a foot or hand treatment, is divine if you are open to connecting with your soul.

The name says it all.

Love it and you will too….and yes, people have tried to use normal sea salt and no, it is not the same. But hey, try it. See for yourself.



Creates Sacred Space and a Sacred You

A powerful cleansing ritual that honors and empowers YOU.


SOULT™ is a deep, purifying emotional cleanser that connects you to YOU.
It cleanses, releases and assists the letting go process of the known and unknown energies and mental and emotional blocks your body is carrying that no longer serve you.
It cleanses and draws out who you are not, so that you can be more of who you really are, and thus build your dreams.


An essential tool to bring forth clarity, focus, healing, empowerment of self, and release of physical, mental, and emotional debris.
It is activated with divine formulas to cleanse and purify your energy body from your skin to your chakras,
reviving and restoring you back to your true self, providing relief whilst removing trapped impurities that block your natural,
God given flow of Divine energy.
The benefits are phenomenal. A key tool to RISE to personal power and spiritual transformation.

DIRECTIONS for taking a Soult™ Bath:

Light up a white candle and connect to you, to your Higher Self, and to the I Am in YOU. Connect to your Soul. Set clear intentions for your SOULT bath, clearly stating what you want. Listen to your guidance for how much SOULT™ to pour into your bath. If unclear, 7 handfuls is the magic number to assist you (one for each chakra)…or more.

CONNECT * ACKNOWLEDGE * RELEASE * EMPOWER (Connect to what you need to release, Acknowledge your need to let it go, Release it, Empower yourself by reconnecting to your True Self and then replacing what you release with something you want to bring into your life, perhaps awakening an aspect of you)

Allow the magic to unfold. Listen to the voice within.
Pay attention to what shows up for you, it will always be relevant. Follow your guidance.
Allow the stress and emotions that no longer serve you to flush out of your body.
It is a powerful Tool for Your Soul™.

Enjoy the Journey,


Why Soult is for YOU: