The Soulva™ Stick is sacred sage…on steroids! A proprietary blend of herbs bundled by women in absolute prayer and sacredness, Soulva™ creates Sacred Space for a Sacred You, free of others’ negative energy and thought patterns, to empower you and heighten your intuition.

Bundle of Soulva Sticks

Bundle of Soulva Sticks

Soulva is your #1 tool to clear your space and lift up the energy in your home, car, and in your life! A must-have in every home to keep intimate space intimate and protect everyone living there.

It is a sacred cleanser to purify and protect your physical and spiritual bodies. An ancient wisdom that is exceptionally powerful, Soulva clears unhealthy, unbalanced, negative, and stagnant energy that is not yours, including other people’s thoughts and feelings about themselves that you absorb in your space and in your body.

This unique Soulva™ was created to honor the “Old Sacred Ways.” It is much more powerful than regular sacred sage because its proprietary formula has healing, purifying and protective powers. It actually heightens your intuition in the space, more powerfully connecting you to You.

These purifying herbs have been carefully hand-picked to honor the sacred plants. The special “proprietary blend” of these herbs has been infused with prayer and purifying divine light. They are organically grown and bundled only by women, in sacred ceremony, to assist in the activation of the sacred ritual and powers of the Divine.

These sacred herbs promote inner well-being, clear thinking, harmony, healing, and protection. Our ancestors used this wisdom to cure, heal, and to increase their wisdom and knowledge, honoring its power.

Soulva has a healing vibrational frequency that is exchanged with the participant. You will receive an attunement and a higher connection to yourself.

Directions for Use: Use your breath to connect to your higher self, to God, to your own source. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts and direct your intentions with faith; trust the process. As you light the  Stick, use your breath to blow into the flames. The element of fire will release its magical powers and clear your space immediately. Make sure you use a bowl to catch any embers. The Soulva will burn fast. There are benefits in facing the East first, connecting to your angels, making sure you have honored all four corners in a clockwise direction before you start your walk through.

Your breath directs the energy. Listen to your guidance and trust your intuition with action. Once you are done clearing the entire space, give thanks to Mother Earth and your divine spiritual assistance. Just let it burn out in a safe place. It is a gift from Mother Earth. It is a sacred tool that empowers and protects you.

Enjoy the Journey,


Vanda talks about the benefits of Sacred Soulva: