Star Therapy

Benefits of Star Therapy“I work with Vanda on an everyday basis, I do the worQ, but with Star Therapy I have a new perspective of the divinity and importance of this worQ, and how it goes beyond our understanding, and is greater than who we think we are.” – Sagit Shaked

Star Therapy is done through private sessions, either in person or long distance via the phone. It is a modality of clearing and healing in which the vibration of the aura and the energy field around you is raised, and divine life energy is transferred to all parts of your being that require the most light at that time. Star Therapy rebalances your body system into full health.

The energy received through Star Therapy is by far the most complementary to each of us as divine beings on this planet at this time.

Star Therapy works on so many levels simultaneously in multi-dimensions. A shift in consciousness is undertaken and received by you as this divine life energy flows through your CHAKRA centers, meridians and etheric bodies. As you are processing this divine life energy through these systems, many times you will awaken to experience its healing effects on family and friends. As your vibration changes, so does everything around you. It is law. This is based on the fact that we are all inter-connected and ONE.
Star Therapy has many levels of clearing and healing. As you RECEIVE Divine Light you release emotional energy debris that no longer serves you, or was never yours to begin with but that you absorbed along the way energetically, knowingly or unknowingly.
As you participate on your own journey of awakening, and allow this divine energy to flow, you evolve and shift into higher dimensions of existence. You release the need to survive in past patterns and blue prints that are no longer in your higher good, and in most cases disorienting you on your spiritual growth path.

Star Therapy is so simple and yet so powerful. It is orchestrated by universal symbols, and guided by eternal knowledge and divine wisdom. Divine Light is received by you and connects with your divine self.

You first start with the focus of the Body, Mind and Heart, the first star symbol. Vanda looks at where your WILL is in relation to your Soul Matrix, energy blueprint, and your Divine Self. This is an in-depth exploration of guided intuition whereby Vanda is being divinely guided and clearly shown your soul blueprint and matrix. She connects with your higher self, and interacts with your personality, to bring you back to you, to your True Self.

Your willingness and desire to ascend, to move forward and let go of what no longer fits and honors you, starts to create the space for the Star Therapy to unveil its magic and strengthen your spiritual power. It provides your ability to release the energies on all realms that stand in the way of living as your True Self and experiencing the power of your divine light.

Star Therapy is complimented by the five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether.
The second star symbol is guided by multi-dimensional assistance and divine life energy. And so the understanding of you being a spiritual being – who is having a physical life experience – starts to unveil. This awakens the I AM Presence of the divine in you, expanding your consciousness, and accelerating your spiritual growth.

Star Therapy reconnects you, to YOU.

It awakens your truth, bringing you gently into your power, and allowing and promoting the manifestation of your desires in your physical dimension. Star Therapy, in truth, cannot be explained to its full capacity. Star Therapy is “felt” and shows up in your life. It will change your life as you create the change you wish to be and to see in the world!

To schedule a Star Therapy Session FIRST read “Preparing for Star Therapy,” below, and then email Vanda at

The Star Therapy Process
A minimum of at least 3 Star Therapy sessions are recommended to get you started.

Why? Because it’s a process of letting go, and as humans we tend to subconsciously resist this letting go process. Vanda will be working with your personality to clear blockages, lessen the push-pull of resistance, and to raise your awareness to patterns and beliefs that you have been carrying all your life. This involves locating and removing/releasing the necessary energy blockages wherever they occur – physical or non-physical.

It is our unbalanced or blocked emotions, attitudes and thoughts that deplete our natural physical energies, therefore making us more susceptible to attracting or manifesting struggle in our lives. And so with restoring balance and clearing out, the worn-out patterns in your body matrix will experience immediate relief and begin the regenerating process, thus creating the healing.

Every Star Therapy session is uniquely different and experienced at different levels of vibration and understanding. Through sound, sacred symbols, Divine Light and guidance, new levels of awareness stimulate your Intuitive Self, and the process of awakening your True Self begins. You begin a journey of unveiling more of you, where you are the God/Goddess of your world. Where you start to feel inspired by your truth and honored by your power, in simple undeniable feelings of freedom and light.

As you vibrationally shift through your Star Therapy sessions, every part of your being is filled with Divine Light, releasing and letting go of issues at hand and many times emotional dis-ease that has been stuck in your body matrix. These sessions open doors and doorways to the ALL OF YOU. So as these doors open for you, you re-remember and start realizing the magic unfolding in every realm and existence of your life – that in the realm of possibilities, everything is possible.

The sessions can go so deep that great changes happen in your life and a much more focused and clear goal in life begins to emerge for more joy, love and honor to enter into your life.

To schedule a Star Therapy Session FIRST read “Preparing for Star Therapy,” below, and then email Vanda at

21-Day Cycle
A 21 day cycle between each session is required.

This will allow the energy to work on the 7 major energy points of your physical body and your auric field, through your matrix system, reaching your DNA cellular levels for transformation and change. The rebalancing and releasing creates the rebirthing of the YOU and the alignment of the I AM within, awakening the God/Goddess within. Balancing your Male and Female energies.

This process reconnects you, to YOU. It awakens your truth, bringing you gently into your power, allowing and promoting manifestation of your desires in your physical dimension.


The 21-day cycle is based on your Chakra system. The word Chakra derives from Sanskrit and means \”A wheel of energy or light.\” The term also encompasses the notion of a turning or spinning motion, as well as the process of transforming psycho-physical energy into spiritual energy, which is our vital force energy.

The chakras are energy transformers. They are real and important. Like thoughts and emotions, the chakras cannot be seen as physical entities. However through their association with particular elements, organs, and functions, they have a powerful effect upon the physical body. As well as having a key role in the physical functioning, the chakras play a vital role in the embodiment of our life force energy, which is our spiritual energy.

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. Chakras are the connectors of all of our bodies, connecting our mental, emotional, and our physical bodies. They play a very important role in who we are being, as they are the filters of the energy that pass through us.

Through the 21-day cycle, three days are spent focusing on each of the seven vital chakras:

  • Crown Chakra: Days 1-3: This chakra is all about Connection. How are you connecting to yourself and others? Does this support you? We are all connected to life-force energy within us. Even though you are always connected, you might feel disconnected to yourself. The higher the connection the clearer you are. The lower the connection the more static and interference you will have. Honor your connection to your own Divine Light, release the connections that no longer serve you.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Days 4-6: This chakra is about what you are seeing. What are you seeing in yourself and in others? Does this support you? True vision demands that you see beyond actions and into your own soul, and others’ souls. See beyond your frustrations, irritations and disappointments and connect to the underlying reason for them showing up in your life. Give up your judgments as they block your vision.
  • Throat Chakra: Days 7-9: This chakra is about what you are saying. What are you saying to yourself and others? Does this support you? Are you expressing gratitude for the abundance in your life? How often have you expressed yourself easily to others, where you are satisfied with who you are and how you have been accepted and listened to? Expression of your True Self brings harmony into your life.
  • Heart Chakra: Days 10-12: What is pulling at your heart? Does this support you? Write to the people and situations that block your heart energy. Start forgiving today, to be healthy and rejuvenated. A Soult™ Bath is an incredible tool and ritual for this. Breathe in deeply to fill your heart with all the Knowing you are connected to. Know that love is the key to everything.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Days 13-15: How are you creating your life and experiences? Does this support you? Reminder: you choose every time. You are the one who creates your happy moments. Your energy is limitless, it is never ending. Know that time is infinite, and that many realities can exist simultaneously. Raise your awareness to God’s time, it is where the magic of the universe connects you to special encounters.
  • Sacral Chakra: Days 16-18: What are you needing from yourself and others? Does this support you? Release the need for approval; it is a need that blocks your desires. Value yourself to attract your desires into manifestation. Remember that that which we give is given back to us tenfold. Give the world permission to unfold its divine magic into your life; give yourself permission to receive it.
  • Root Chakra: Days 19-21: How are you expressing yourself through your creative power, sexuality, finances and emotions? Does this support you? Listen to your heart; you can trust its truest desires. Flush the fear; have the courage to say no to something that disempowers you. Reinforce the areas in your life that you already feel powerful, secure and worthy; radiate those outward as you focus on prosperity.

Your focus for each 3-day period is customized to your particular Star Therapy session!

To schedule a Star Therapy Session FIRST read “Preparing for Star Therapy,” below, and then email Vanda at

Preparing for Star Therapy
We encourage you to take the following steps to get the most from your Star Therapy experience, which will include the 21-day Cycle that follows your Star Therapy Session:

  • Carefully read all the information about Star Therapy here on the Vanda Connect website.
  • Be thinking about how you will answer these questions at the beginning of your session: “Why are you here?” and “What do you want to get out of this session?”
  • Read the Vanda Connect website page entitled, “The WorQ.”
  • Familiarize yourself with the Tools for Your Soul™, as these will be important during your 21 day Cycle following your Star Therapy Session.
  • Be sure to buy Soult™ from Shop with Vanda and have it on hand prior to your Star Therapy Session.
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  • Wishing you a transformational Star Therapy experience! You are about to begin creating your life in the way you always wanted it to be!