Birthday Sessions

Why did you choose this day to be born?


Your birthday is the secret key to the elements that you carry with you on your journey. Why you chose the month you were born and what it brings into your life and the aspects of yourself. This signature Birthday session was birthed from Star Therapy, a gift from the Divine to assist one’s journey.

Birthday sessions can only be done once a year on or around your birthday with a seven day window. This session will take a full cycle to complete, which is 12 months whereby your alignment with the moon and sun in each calendar month gets realigned to your own symbols and rhythm, and most important to your own cycle, and not someone else’s. You will need the full cycle between right and left of your whole body to bring into balance your quadrants which associate you with the world you live in: I. Intuition II. Feeling III. Sensation IV. Thought

Each of your quadrants represents a season, a 1 year period of life that is connected to the placement of the zodiac for you. So this signature birthday session tones you in with a sacred sound toning and aligns you with more of your own elements. Lining you up with your own Sun and your own moon cycles and the planets that you have come with you evolve from and create. Balancing your personal seasons, connecting you to your twelve signs, connecting you to your heaven-oriented and your earth-oriented aspects of self.

Our rhythms are mostly determined by the changes of the seasons, changes we undergo through our life experiences and many of us defer to older patterns: other people’s rhythms, other people’s expectations of you and not our own, which no longer serve you or anyone else.

We are living in extra-ordinary, precious times, whereby it matters with whom we are with, and it absolutely matters who we are Being This session assists and supports the inner connection of your own creator energy, that is linked to the keys of wisdom that you carry and hold with you. We are all fixed to a Grand Wheel of life here on Earth; we are not separate to ourselves or others.

This Signature Birthday session celebrates You and reconnects you to more of you. Assisting you accelerate your spiritual evolvement and unveiling of self. We are forever developing into a higher self and it is our responsibility to lighten our lower selves too. Strengthening your own spokes in the Grand Wheel of life will enrich your life and the planets’.

Happy Birthday
We Celebrate You.

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