Space & Home Clearings

Space and Home Clearings are rituals found in almost every traditional or native culture.
From “spring cleaning” to struggles, jealousies and blocks, karmic imbalances to death.
Entities, to house warming parties, and Blessings from your Rabbi or priest have all been linked throughout time.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt unsettled or awkward?
How about walking into a home and you can feel the tension?
On the contrary walking into a happy peaceful space, to the point of wanting to just stay, where the energy is flowing and you feel good?
How about leaving the room and feeling strange and not yourself?
To the point of not knowing and recognizing it, so you can shake it off.
There is a natural exchange that happens every time you are in a space.

We are extra sensory human intelligence.
Beyond our own understanding.
The quality of your space has always mattered, now more so than ever.

Changing one’s energy is far simpler than a home or building.
The energy of a home has so many complex bodies of matter to consider.
The Land that it has been built on, to the sacred geometrics that exist within its original grid line.
Space clearings for existing homes are vital, as it takes much longer to change existing energy that has been absorbed throughout the home at a deeper level. This energy is stagnant, as concrete, bricks, stone and especially wood, have the capacity to absorb stagnant energy over time. Mostly because of their “yang” energy, it takes longer to discharge.

One of the major factors that is taken into consideration is the energy of the “predecessor energy,” the vibration and residue left behind by the previous owner.

Many times it will be a reflection of their health, their moods and most important their energy.

Now a days some of the greatest hazards of modern high-tech living are the extra ordinary levels of electromagnetic pollution that we are exposed to.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) occur on mild levels in the natural world, current research shows we are now being bombarded with the equivalent of over 200,000,000 times the amount of EMFs. I don’t have to go into all you have in your home, let’s just start with your cell phone and computers.

All this fabulous technology that makes our lives flow smoother and efficiently affect our meridian system. Our chakras, our bodies, our lives.

The key is to keep our own space ours, and create sacred space to better enhance and protect your lives for you and your families.

So that you are being more of you and less reactive to others’ energy.

Sacred Space Clearings are followed and guided by Divine guidance and the blueprint of your home.
There are different levels of clearings that are available for you. Each one is done through The Blueprint of your home or through Star Therapy, whichever is best suited at the time for you.
This is due to your own life lessons that are present for you at this time.
Every room is worked on with sacred geometric symbols and guided intuitive readings and if appropriate an energy grid plan for your home.

Each home is personalized. In all my home clearings that I’ve experienced every home has been different. Customized and specialized plans are available to your own specific needs and requirements.

Most people are in spaces that are absorbed in chaos and stress and they “know” it and feel it however numbed by the density of their surroundings What if your home could support you and protect you ? What if your home could favor you and bring you further into alignment with your own purpose?

A Sacred Home Creates a Sacred You.
Once you get this, it will change your life.

One of the greatest tools we have been given is Observation. Observe You and You in your home, pay attention and follow your intuition. If you cannot connect or get anything, get Soulva and start your process.

A “Sacred Home, Sacred You” Gift Box is available to get you started.These may be done as a long-distance session.

To Schedule a Space or Home Clearing email Vanda at