Star Therapy

Is a clearing modality and is done through private sessions, either in person or long distance.
The energy of this system is by far the most complimentary on this planet at this time.
It raises the vibration of the aura and the energy field around every living thing.
Star therapy allows the receiver to enter the stillness of the mind, and its emotions, and transfer divine life energy to all parts of your being that requires the most light at that time, rebalancing you into full health.

Star Therapy works on so many levels simultaneously in multi-dimensions, whilst you the receiver are allowing to receive it. A shift in consciousness is undertaken and received as this divine life energy flows through your CHAKRA centers, meridians and etheric bodies, self knowing of your well being needs. As you are processing this divine life energy through your systems, many times you will awaken to experience it’s healing effects on family and friends. As your vibration changes, so does everything around you, it is law. This is based on the fact that we are all inter connected and ONE.

Star Therapy has many levels of clearing. As you RECEIVE Divine Light there are many healings that are experienced. Releasing enough emotional energy debris, that no longer serves you, or was never yours to start off with, that along the way you absorbed energetically, knowing or unknowingly.

Star Therapy works immediately in a layer system. It starts off with your immediate focus and well being.
First by your participation to bring your body, mind and soul into balance with who you really are at this time, and that changes as you progress through each modality and level. As you participate on your own journey of awakening and taking responsibility in allowing this divine energy to flow, you will have the experience of a fuller and richer experience around you, recognizable on many levels as you evolve and shift into higher dimensions of existence and release the need to survive in past programs and blue prints that are no longer valuable to your being and in most cases disorientating you on your spiritual growth.

Star Therapy is so simple and yet so powerful.

Orchestrated by universal symbols, guided by eternal knowledge and divine wisdom. Divine Light connects with your divine self.

The first star symbol starts with the focus of the Body, Mind and Heart and where your intellect WILL is in relation to your Soul Matrix, energy blueprint and your Divine Self.
This is an in-depth exploration of guided intuition and understandings through divine guidance whereby I AM channeling and being clearly shown your soul blueprint and matrix, connecting with your higher self, and interacting with your personality, to bring you back to you, your true self.

Your willingness and desire to ascend, to move forward and let go of what no longer fits and honors you, starts to create the space for the Star Therapy to unveil its magic and strengthen your spiritual power and ability to release the energies on all realms that stand in the way of living your true self and experience the power of your divine light.
Star Therapy is complimented by the five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether.

The second star symbol is guided by multi-dimensional assistance and divine life energy.
And so the understanding of you being a spiritual being having a physical experience starts to unveil. Awakening the I AM Presence in you, expanding your consciousness and accelerating your spiritual growth.

A minimum of at least 3 Star Therapy sessions are recommended to get you started.

It’s a process of letting go. We are working with your personality to clear blockages, lessen the push-pull of resistance, and raising your awareness to patterns and beliefs that you have been carrying all your life. It’s our human nature to be curious and to want to be in control, and so the process of allowing is interrupted by the mind.
Every Star Therapy session is uniquely different and experienced at different levels of vibration and understanding. There are many levels of clearing that will occur simultaneously – the first one will be throughout your chakra system, meridians and auric field.

These clearing modalities involve locating and removing/releasing the necessary energy blockages wherever they occur – physical or non-physical.
It is our unbalanced or blocked emotions, attitudes and thoughts that deplete our natural physical energies, therefore making us more susceptible to attracting or manifesting struggle in our lives. And so with restoring balance and clearing out, the outworn patterns in your body matrix will experience immediate relief and begin the regenerating process, thus creating the healing.

Through sound, sacred symbols, Divine Light and guidance, new levels of awareness stimulate your intuitive psychic self, and the process to awakening your true self begins. A journey of more of you, where you are the God/Goddess of your world. Where you start to feel inspired by your truth and honored by your power, in simple undeniable feelings of freedom and light.

As you vibrationally shift through your Star Therapy sessions, every part of your being is filled with Divine Light, releasing and letting go of issues at hand and many times emotional dis-ease that has been stuck in your body matrix.
These sessions open doors and doorways to the ALL OF YOU.

In search for modern life, we have grown insensitive to the power and nuances of the magical realm that is very evident in God’s playground, nature. So as these doors open for you, you re-remember and start realizing the magic unfolding in every realm and existence of your life –
that in the realm of possibilities, everything is possible.
The sessions can go so deep that great changes happen in your life and a much more focused and clear goal in life begins to emerge for more joy, love and honor to enter into your life.

A 21 day cycle between each session is required.
This will allow the energy to work on the 7 major energy points of your physical body and your auric field, through your matrix system, reaching your DNA cellular levels for transformation and change. The rebalancing and releasing creates the rebirthing of the YOU and the alignment of the I AM within, awakening the God/Goddess within. Balancing your Male and Female energies.

This process reconnects you, to YOU.
It awakens your truth, bringing you gently into your power, reconnecting you to Mother Earth, allowing and promoting manifestation of your desires in your physical dimension.
Star Therapy, in truth, cannot be explained to its full capacity , Star Therapy is “felt” and shows up in your life.
You will be part of the change you are wanting to experience in the world.

This incredible divine energy is channeled and gifted by Vanda, a thirsty student of the Universe. Mystically traveling through the multi-dimensions of existence, bringing forth a sharing for love and self awakening to the God – Goddess within, guided by her Angels and mystic spiritual guides, unveiling life’s treasures through ancient magic and mysticism, rediscovering the wonder, the awe and assisting others to awaken their power of the divine within.

“We have magic that creates miracles in our lives, if only we have the love and courage to look into ourselves and rediscover the well of truth that lies within”- Vanda

“When I look back to who I was from my first Star Therapy until now (about 5 yrs), who I AM today is SO much More of Me, the growth and changes are lifetimes. Usually during or right after my session I will feel great, relaxed, sometimes blown away at what was seen or felt. There is always MY worQ to be done after a session, and I’m a worker, and the results of this worQ are what cause such rapid clarity and growth.

Vanda moves energy, and guides us on what to do next. I do not doubt her gifts as I have worked with her for so many years. She puts nothing on a platter for us, I loved how she makes us worQ for our growth and change. Mostly, through Star Therapy, and the Tools for the Soul, and my subsequent worQ, I realize that I was carrying beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions that were not mine. So when I do not feel myself, I go “write” to worQ!” ~Brenda

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