The WorQ

Boot Camp for Your Mind, to Evolve Your Soul

The WorQ™ refers to the gift you give yourself when you take action in releasing who you are not, to be more of who you ARE.

Working on yourself to better serve you and discover your truth, your treasures, and jewels of life that have been gifted to you. To tap into your knowing and awaken your wisdom that resides within you. To honor yourself and those around you.

It is when you find yourself stuck in yesterday, trapped in an emotion or a vision that no longer supports you, and you take care of it by releasing it, interrupting it, raising your awareness to change those patterns that keep you in yesterday, and breathe in today where you have all your power, all your focus, and divine assistance to support and guide you. It is when you acknowledge your inner voice of your truth and burn the old emotion or pattern to empower you, and those around you.

Down through the ages these ancient wisdoms have been known: to write and burn, transmute the negative into positive, to breathe and connect to your power, cleansing rituals to lighten your soul and reconnect you to your divine wisdom. Purification of the Body, Mind, and Heart.

The WorQ is just for you, a gift you gift yourself for eternity.

It empowers you and frees you up to be all that you want to be and so much more. It up lifts your spirit and enlightens your path, reconnecting you one step at a time closer to your soul.

The success of your own personal WorQ is wholly dependent on you using the appropriate Tools for Your Soul™. Because it’s just like washing your hair: you have to use shampoo to make your hair clean and shiny. So, too, with the WorQ. You have to cleanse your energy body and energy field as you release old belief systems, patterns and fears, and you have to clear your space to make it sacred and empower you to heighten your intuition and reconnect with your soul.  I created Tools for your Soul™ to help you accelerate you on your path. To help you clear your full mind, support your body, and clear your space. These are my tools that I am sharing with you. They are what I use for me and my family, every single day. ~Vanda

Tools for Your Soul™ include:

The Soulva™ (smudge) Stick: You don’t have to Soulva and clear your space, it is your choice. However, knowing that your space impacts and influences you, would you? Soulva™ was created to support our fast and rapidly evolving lives. Soulva™ Sticks ensure your home is divinely protected. As the Soulva Stick burns, it clears the space of stress, negativity, stagnant energy, and the energy of other people who have entered the home. It brings clarity, healing, and protection that is in the higher good of everyone in the home. And it heightens the intuition of the user and benefits everyone in the space. You will see and feel a difference.

Soult™ Bath: Soult was created to draw out the impurities and the negative charge in your body. It is activated to heal. This is pure, untouched, unprocessed salt, from the southern heart of Africa that has been activated and worQ’d with. This is not your normal sea salt or scented bath salt. Soult is unique. It is activated through an ancient, sacred process to literally draw out the imbalance of stress and negativity that has built up in your body’s energy field. It is a deep, purifying cleanser; emotional, mental, and physical release is achieved through this powerful Tool. Soult is essential for clarity, focus, and for physical and emotional healing. It clears the mind, body, and chakra body system. Its activation supports the body as it detoxes, releasing trapped impurities that block your natural flow. The benefits are phenomenal: from instant emotional relief to intuitive direction. Soult EMPOWERS You. It raises your awareness and consciousness, improves your mental clarity, restores life-force energy, helps you rise above the stress and chaos of the world, and accelerates your personal growth. And this is just the beginning!

True You™ Mist: True You™ Soulva™ Mist is an energy cleanser that clears the space around you, creating sacred space. It is formulated to re-balance, awaken, and empower your senses, which is why you feel immediate release. It clears the negative build up in your energy field, which comes from time on the computer, on the phone, over-stimulation, and chaotic environments. It mists away the feeling of stress along with the negative energy and negative thought forms from people around you, so you feel like yourself again! True You™ Soulva™ Mist is the first mist product to infuse a formula with powerful energetics that immediately changes the way you feel. It is infused with sacred energy and ancient chemistry that gets you back to your true self, your true balance. It is a true balance of formula, and how it has been brought together. Its all natural ingredients have been purposefully selected. True You empowers you as you move through your daily experiences. It’s a tool that empowers you to take back your power. It is the perfect companion throughout your whole day, as it reminds you that you can feel like yourself again with a simple mist.
See the video HERE.

Forgiveness Soult™: The ultimate accelerator. Forgiveness Soult™ empowers you to Connect to what or who you want to forgive, or to what you want to be forgiven for. Say it as it is in your heart; acknowledge it completely, truly, honestly. Release it. Empower yourself by replacing the negative feelings with positive feelings. Connect to the feelings of love, peace and gratitude. And then purify the relationship…to the other person and to yourself. The Forgiveness Soult™ is activated to divinely support, empower, and assist this process in its fullness.

Protection Heart Pin™: This sacred Heart Pin came together purposefully in Divine Order. Most people don’t know that they need to protect their heart energy. The Protection Heart Pin makes it possible. This sacred Heart Pin supports your heart and protects your heart as a roof protects a house. The Protection Heart Pin is created and activated on purpose. It raises your awareness to more love, less struggle. It supports your sensitive self to recognize your own truth. It supports you being true to yourself. It empowers you to stay in self-love, and to be more of Who You Are and less of who you are not. The Protection Heart Pin™ protects you from your fears and from the negative energy of others who pull at you and cause you to dim your own lights or to back down. When wearing the Protection Heart Pin™ you are setting the intention, “I promise to love myself, protect my sacred heart energy, and be true to myself.”

Signature Soul Series™: Books that are filled with an essence of love and awakening that inspires you to reconnect soulfully to who you really are. One step, one Essence at a time, unfolding a lifetime of rewards. These 31 Essences are beautiful and a true gift to your Soul and from your Soul. Each Essence is a block of pure vibration, of light. You will awaken as many Essences as you are ready to receive; you will receive them from where you are in your life. As you read each Essence, more of you shall unfold. As you reread them, even more of you shall unfold and awaken to your own divine essence of Who You Are. Blend these Essences and allow their vibration to guide you as you begin your journey. You will be moved and inspired as you connect to your Higher Self, and as you connect to and hear your Soul if you so choose. As you work with each Essence you bring yourself into alignment and have a clearer understanding of who you are BEing, and how you can be more in touch with your own divine Self. You will raise your love of SELF. You will begin to shine in your Essences, and in that shining you will inspire others.

Write to Heal™:  The Write to Heal process is important to help you organize your thoughts so that you can understand how you are holding on to beliefs, or processes and mostly thought forms that no longer serve you. Write, light the paper on fire and pay attention to whether your paper has burnt until the end. If not? Then there is more to let go. This process heals as you clear, forgive, and move on.

The WorQ works! The WorQ releases the worst of you and uncovers the very best in you.