De-cording is a cleansing exercise, a great tool that re-inforces ones own energy, harmony and balance. Many cords are attached by an unconscious or conscious agreement between people or group of people, Most times cording happens through lack of awareness.

We all have energy cords between our own soul groups ex; A mother and child, lovers, friends, business partners and of course family. A cord is normally established and attached when people need or depend on each other for some kind of exchange. When it is a contractual agreement the cords dissolve naturally with time, however when it is from “special” needs the cords don’t.

Cording between people has many advantages as it assists people with obtaining information and energy from others rapidly, Without time consuming verbal and social communication. Have you ever bonded with someone over a specific issue or cause? Or heard someone say… “I am going to see what it is all about…” Then hear them complain that they don’t feel themselves? That is because the law of cause and effect is working irrelevant of your awareness to it. They extended their own “feelers” into other people, maybe even corded themselves to others, unaware of this exchange.

Have you ever found that you couldn’t get someone out of your mind?
Normally it is a sign that this person is trying to communicate with you via a cord. Or being with someone and you couldn’t get to say what you really wanted or felt blocked? When someone doesn’t trust they will scout, feel the energy of others to get information that will satisfy them or calm them down. This exchange is normal between people on a daily basis. However what people are forgetting is that just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it is not there. The cleansing of the body chakras is a vital consideration for a clear mind, a healthy body and a balanced heart. The clearing of cords is essential to ones healthy well being and natural flow. Having your energy drained in a conversation simply means that your energy is now directed by someone else and not you.

Most people are not even aware of this exchange however are experiencing it on a daily basis. Cording exists at many levels keeping in mind that we are pure intelligence and communicate on all levels. ording helps and assists people when in need, from parents to teachers to meaningful relationships. Just like everything else it needs to be balanced and cleansed. Just like natural hygiene, washing and cleansing oneself after a full day’s work or play.

Think of it as a pipe between you and someone else, when you are clear and loving to this person the pipe is filled with light and when it starts to get full and over stacked with debris it get darker and heavier and you start to feel it, this is a great sign that Your cord needs to be cleansed, cut , de-corded or replaced.

I am a strong believer in sacred space and that our bodies are our sacred temples. So cleansing rituals are vital for healthy, strong and loving experiences. When you rid yourself of unwanted or entangled cords, you recreate yourself as you wish to BE. You establish integrity once again and alignment in your own Body and Body system.
Most important! You are the one who decides where your energy goes. With the exception of a mother with agreements that their infants decide where their energy goes.

You hear of cutting cords between people and that is a simple exercise however you must be aware that cords will re grow. Most often redirect themselves to the same vibrational match that it has been cut from, if the proper cleansing has not be done. Or most often the necessary healing and karmic agreements fulfilled if that is the case.

It is like saying to yourself…”I am not going to do that again!” And you catch yourself there again, well the necessary steps to cleanse & purify that specific habit or pattern had not taken place. So purely on a vibrational match you will DO THAT AGAIN.

As everything in life there are many ways to get the job done. However the quality of the job and how it gets done is important. Decording is not any different.

It matters to you and others how you do it. How you de-cord and from where you de-cord is all relevant. And most important are you complete with your “karmic exchange” to de-cord?

I will always reinforce and remind you of the power of connecting with the person first on paper to acknowledge and take C.A.R.E of the exchanges be it mental, emotional of physical that took place or are taking place. Write to Heal is one of my favorite Tools for Your Soul that will speed up your de-cording process with light and integrity. Then if you are an enlightened “clean” educated energy light-worker then you can proceed. If not work with someone who is.

I focus on 2 types of de-cording for clear results:
An energy de-cording   $150.00 per person
And a Body System Chakra De-cording   $250 this takes a 7 day cycle to complete.

And many times I consult before hand, as every situation has its unique opportunities. Tools that support and assist the de-cording process:

  • Soult
  • Soulva
  • Write to Heal