Tools for Your Soul


Tools for Your Soul

Tools for Your Soul™

These Tools will change your life, and will connect you to your soul and your higher purpose. If you are ready.

Each of the Tools for Your Soul™ has been carefully created and designed, and is extremely purposeful; they were created to help support you to better connect to yourself and to help you raise your awareness to the energy that exists around you. They are gifts, great vehicles to assist you, as they have within them the wisdom to connect you to your soul, to your own divine wisdom, awaken your intuition, and open your channels to empower you to connect better with yourself. To be more of who you are, and less of who you are not.

Many times we get caught up in other peoples’ emotional journeys and take longer than what we should to get back into ours, causing unnecessary stress and delayed progress. How many times have you been stuck or pulled into a situation as your emotions got triggered and your heart center just gave in? How about drained, frustrated or annoyed at something or someone? These are all emotional exchanges, mental blocks of thoughts patterns which many times are not even ours to begin with…and so much more.

I know in my heart that once you understand and educate yourself on the purpose of each Tool, and what the Tools can do for you and your life, you will forever have the power of choice in your hands. You then have the power to choose to empower yourself or not. You then have the knowledge, power and wisdom to take care of whatever is standing in your way, to heal your life.

All of the Tools have been created in a sacred way to honor the old sacred ways of our ancestors, and to embrace the enlightenment and growth of our evolving selves. They have all been infused with a Divine energy to enhance each formula in a unique way, creating unique, sacred experiences.

Founder & CEO Vanda Teixeira is interviewed by Dustin Quick at the 2014 Emmy Awards Red Carpet Gifting Lounge About Tools for Your Soul: