Vanda Test

Vanda Creations was founded at the age of 22 with a dream to be great.


My desire, To Be Extraordinary.
To Make a difference. To Empower myself and Enrich my Life.
Came by Creating Beauty, Love & Well Being in the lives of others.

The last 2 decades have brought me full circle with an opportunity of a life time.
To Honor Myself and My Gifts thus Honoring You and Yours, to make a difference.
So, Today I am back: Empowered, Humbled and in Awe of the WORQ.
To Make a difference in Your life, To Empower You and Enrich Your Life.
By Creating Tools for Your Soul. Tools that will support you on your individual journeys.
The journey of life itself and the unveiling of your true self. Because you already are extra-ordinary. And there is more of you that maybe you are not aware of.
And maybe just that knowing will spark that Divine Light within you to be more….
To make a difference, maybe just enough difference to redirect your whole life into greatness.
Possibilities, Love, Power & Wisdom.
Or maybe just to clear and cleanse an emotion that is trapped in yesterday, blocking your vision for tomorrow and Your alignment with your good fortune and well-being.

After all, "Who are we not To Be All That We Can Be?"

Today I create Connected to a Higher Consciousness, Guided by my Intuition,
Supported by our Divinity, Honoring Truth and Awakening Yours.
To accelerate your evolvement and enlightenment of self and others.

Vanda Connect is a Light Company assisting global transformation,
Creating global platforms connecting you with tools that will change your life.
Empowering You by connecting You to Your True Self.

Sharing the Light, from My Heart to Yours
Vanda Teixeira
Founder & CEO