Warrior’s Breath

Warrior’s Breath is a specialized signature session that is unique and exceptionally powerful.
It is unconventional, out of the box, and intuitive.
It is designed to  connect you energetically to the energy that is trapped or blocked within the body matrix.
The techniques and processes that unfold in Warrior’s Breath are guided to release the body’s negative balance and emotional or mental debris that create pain and struggle to the physical body.


The recipient of Warrior’s Breath undergoes many transitional stages of the ‘letting go” and surrendering processes.
BreathworQ is integral and a vital tool in this specialized session.
It is a fully guided process as energy moves through your body channels .
Warrior’s Breath was introduced to speed up and release the evident energy that one carries in the body that blocks and interrupts the well-being of one’s state.
It awakens the spirit and releases its hold of patterns and energy forms that hinder one’s own evolution.


An evaluation and orientation precede Warrior’s Breath to confirm your readiness to participate.
It takes both parties: me and you to get this session done!


I only proceed into Warrior’s Breath once you are all-in.
As that is my only state.

To schedule a Warrior’s Breath session, first read the 21 Days page, along with “Preparing for Your Session,” and then email Vanda at Sessions@VandaConnect.com.