Write to Heal

The Write to Heal WorQshop was created to assist and support the “write to burn” process in letter writing.

Through the years I have found that many people were not getting to the necessary block or the emotional point of true release through their writing.

I found and heard people talking about their extra ordinary and successful stories with the writing experiences.

As I listened “I saw” the gap of the necessary connection to be able to truly get to what was standing in the way, of them not only feeling relieved but truly understanding at a higher conscious level.

It took me a while to get it started…as I quickly found out there was no simple workshop here.
No duplication, each workshop is exactly what it says, a write to heal worQshop.

Q: we are going deep. Write: we are getting it down and out. And heal: it is a gift every single time to see.


These worQshops have been profound, deep, and magnificent.
They are alive as we worQ through you and your own creative process.

The Write to Heal WorQshop has two important phases.

    • In Phase One we introduce the concept of C.A.R.E. writing and the power of this writing; writing that Connects you with your intuitive self, Acknowledges what is no longer serving you, be it fears, insecurities or old belief systems, Releases what is no longer serving you, and Empowers you from within.
    • Phase Two is an energy worQshop. It is interactive and powerful and provides an immediate release of what is not serving you. As you write, your energy is moved to a higher level of physical and spiritual consciousness. This is unlike anything you have ever experiences. To experience Phase 2 it is vital to have already experienced Phase 1.
The Write to Heal WorQshop for me was so enlightening. I learned how to write it as it is, and then use the C.A.R.E. method: Connect, Acknowledge, Replace Empower! Very powerful

- Arleen Holliday

The Write to Heal WorQshop has literally changed my life. Every time I am feeling disconnected from myself, or from what I am working toward in my life, whether it be in a relationship or in my work, I use this process. The ‘a-ha’ insights I receive are deep and provide me the clear direction I need to move forward.

- Lisa Petrilli